The Speechcraft course was one of the greatest things I ever decided to do. It allowed me to slow down my speech for others to understand, it gave me confidence not only in public speaking, but in other aspects of my life too. I recommend this course to anyone. It will benefit you more than you could imagine.
- Rodney K (course #1,16)

I have been with Toastmasters for 18 years and have co-ordinated and assisted with many Speechcraft courses. I never cease to be amazed at the development of self esteem and confidence that is displayed and achieved by the Speechcraft participants.
- Ron Alexander DTM - Menai District Toastmasters

I have coordinated many Speechcraft Courses with Menai District Toastmasters. Over the years, I have gained immense satisfaction from watching the growth of the Speechcraft participants in developing their Communication / Leadership skills. Many of these participants also joined the Menai Toastmasters club to further enhance the newly found skills. ~ Distinguished Toastmaster John Drinkwater

Speechcraft Course Information

What is Speechcraft?

Speechcraft is a short course teaching public speaking skills which will help to build self-confidence.

Get comfortable in talking in front of a group, master your nerves in a fun, friendly and supportive, positive non-threatening environment.

When is the next Speechcraft Course?


Our next course is starting soon on Monday, 21 October to 9 December, 2019.
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What's it all about and what's the benefits?

  • Designed to develop public speaking skills
  • Friendly, positive non-threatening environment
  • Fellow students will be there for similar reasons as you
  • Fellow students will be feeling the same emotions as you develop at your own pace
  • Receive immediate positive and helpful feedback
  • Most assisting Toastmasters are also Speechcraft graduates
  • Develop your own individual style
  • Gain a huge boost to your self confidence

How do I sign up for the Speechcraft course?

To register for your Speechcraft Course just click on the link below

The Speechcraft Course #2 will commence on Monday, 21 October to 9 December, 2019.


To chat to us about the speechcraft course, feel free to call or email.
Name: John Drinkwater DTM
Phone: 0418 249 048